What are the benefits of Key Insurance?

Understanding the benefits of Key Insurance

How could such a small thing cause such a huge inconvenience? This is one of those questions that you ask yourself when you’re stuck and can’t find your keys.

How does Key Insurance work?

There’s nothing worse than losing keys. Have you ever had that terrifying experience when you can’t find your keys? Panic starts to kick in and your heart starts to race. You try to retrace your steps, but still can’t find them. You think to yourself, how am I going to get home? How am I going to get into my car? And worst of all, how much is this all going to cost? With Key Insurance, there’s no need to panic.

Key Insurance is one of those things you don’t think you need until you actually need it. When was the last time you looked at a locksmith’s rate card? The unexpected cost of replacing keys and lock sets is more expensive than you think. Key Insurance provides essential key cover in the event of lost or stolen car keys. 

Do I need a spare car key if I have Key Insurance?

Yes, you need a spare car key even if you have Key Insurance.

No one knows how important a spare car key is until they lose their car key. A spare key is one of the most important assets every car owner should have. While Key Insurance will cover the cost of your replacement key, you still need a spare.

Even if you think you don’t need a spare key, your life will be much easier if you have one. A spare key will benefit you in the following circumstances:

You misplace your keys at home: It happens. Sometimes we’re in a rush and we can’t find our car keys. The clock is ticking and you don’t have time to search your whole house. If you have a spare key, you could use that instead of being late for your meeting. You need to have a backup you can use in situations like this. 

Access keys locked in the car: It can happen to the best of us. Should you lock your keys in the car, you’ll be able to retrieve them faster with a spare key.

More than one driver: If you’re not the only driver of your car, it’s easier to have a secondary key. This will help prevent the key from getting lost. 

The benefits of Key Insurance

The benefits of Key Insurance go far beyond covering the cost of a replacement car key. Key Insurance provides cover for:

Car Key Replacement: Of course, we cover your car keys. We know car keys can be expensive. With Key Insurance, you won’t have to spend thousands of Rands on a new key. We cover car key replacements up to the value of R10,000. 

Vehicle Lock Set Replacement: What if you can’t get a replacement key? We’ve got you covered. We cover lock set replacements up to the value of R10,000.

Key, Lock and Remote Replacement for your Home: Where do you keep your other keys? Are you home or office keys and remotes attached to your car key? We often bundle our keys all together because it makes our lives easier. We cover key, lock and remote replacement for your home or office.

Locksmith Services: You locked your keys in the car. There might be a good hearted samaritan who thinks they can Macgyver their way in with a wire. There’s no need for that; we know a guy. Key Insurance benefits provide locksmith services for your car, wherever you are. It’s not only your car we’ll help you with. We also provide locksmith services for your home or office. We make sure that you are never locked out.

Car Hire: In the unfortunate event that your keys cannot be replaced on time, we’ll get you where you need to be. That’s because Key Insurance from Bidvest Insurance covers your car hire for up to R1,000. You won’t have to worry about not having a vehicle or being left stranded. 

Courtesy Transport: If you need to get somewhere in a hurry but you’re locked out of your car, don’t panic. We provide you with other courtesy transport to make sure that you get to where you need to be.

Flatbed Towing Service: What about your car? Without a key your car could be left stranded. You can’t leave your car on the side of the road while you wait for a new key. We provide flatbed towing services to move your car to a location where it will be safe.

Why do I need Key Insurance?

Do you own a car in South Africa? Then you need Key Insurance from Bidvest Insurance. Modern car keys are not made like they used to be. Today’s keys are small, sophisticated devices with electronic components. This makes them much more expensive than you may think. The cost of replacing a car key is no joke. 

Is Key Insurance worth it?

The price of a new car key can cost as much as R10,000 or more for high-end cars. The car keys of today are far more advanced than their predecessors. This also means that they cost more. Key Insurance can provide the peace of mind you need. If your keys are ever lost or stolen, Key Insurance will get you back on the road in no time.

Do I pay an excess when I claim with Key Insurance?

You do not need to pay an excess on your Key Insurance claim with Bidvest Insurance. While some insurers, you will need to pay an excess on n Key Insurance claims, Bidvest Insurance does not. With Key Insurance from Bidvest Insurance, you pay zero excess fees.

Bidvest Insurance provides Key Insurance from as little as R95 per month. You can protect your Comprehensive Insurance policy’s no-claims bonus. Key Insurance helps you reduce the financial effects of losing your car keys. 

What doesn’t Key Insurance cover?

  • Keys that don’t belong to you.
  • Broken or damaged keys.
  • Extra keys, other than the original key issued to you when you purchased the vehicle.
  • Wear and tear of keys and lock sets.
  • Replacement batteries.
  • Claims due to any criminal activity by yourself.
  • Failing to be at the agreed location for the Courtesy Transport. If this is the case, no further claims will be permitted.
  • Any fraudulent claims or misrepresentation on your part.
  • Any claim more than 6 months from the incident.
  • Any loss caused by misuse, abuse, chemicals, fire.
  • Any loss caused from the vehicle being detained or impounded.
  • Any loss that occurred outside of South Africa.
  • Any loss caused by a driver without a valid driver’s licence.
  • Any loss caused by a driver who was under the influence of alcohol or narcotics.

Is it easy to claim for Key Insurance?

Claiming for a set of lost car keys is simple with Bidvest Insurance. You can email keyclaims@bidvestinsurance.co.za to notify us of the incident. The claims assessor will then guide you through the claims process.

Please remember:

  • You must notify us of the claim within 30 days of the incident.
  • You must report your Lost or Stolen Keys to the SAPS within 48 hours of the incident.

Don’t wait around. Protect your budget with Key Insurance from Bidvest Insurance. Get Key Insurance today.

Cover for you and for your car.

Bidvest Insurance offers a wide range of insurance products to meet both your personal and vehicular needs.

Insurance options for you:

  • Cyber Rescue
  • Panic Alert
  • Legal Angel
  • Personal Accident Insurance

Insurance options for your car:

  • Scratch and Dent
  • Tyre Angel
  • Theftbuster Plus
  • Warranty
  • Driver Assist
  • Key Angel

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