What are your personal documents?

Personal documents are an important part of your life. Personal documents contain your all-important personal information. Your personal documents include items like your Identity Document (ID), drivers licence, passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate and many more. Your personal documents are important, as they provide verification, certification, or other types of affirmation of your personal identity, data, and more.

How to keep your personal documents safe

Keeping your personal documents safe is important. No one wants to go through the trouble and expense of replacing personal documents.

When storing personal documents, you want to keep two things in mind: you need to keep these documents close at hand, but you also need to keep the documents safe from theft, fire, or other emergencies.

Many people rely on safety deposit boxes to store their personal documents. The only downside to storing personal documents in a safety deposit box is ease of access. It is often inconvenient to go into your bank each time you need to access your personal documents. This is why the best way to keep your documents safe, while keeping them close to you, would be to invest in a home safe. You can get home safes that are both fire and water resistant. A home safe will keep your personal documents safe from theft and other emergencies like fires and floods.

Why you should keep certified copies of your personal documents

You should always keep certified copies of your personal documents. You never know when you may need them.

In many instances you will be required to produce a personal document, especially your Identity Document. For example, when you want to apply for a loan, or open a bank account in your name, you will often be required to either produce your original document or present a certified copy of your Identity Document, Passport, or other type of identity documentation.

Using a certified copy of a personal document will mean there is less chance that your original document will be lost or damaged.

Where and how to get your personal documents certified

Getting your personal documents certified is simple. You can have your documents certified by any Commissioner of Oaths. The easiest way to get documents certified is to visit your nearest police station with a copy of the document you want certified and the original. This is done free of charge

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