The damage can be undone.

Get covered for major smash and grab damage.

A smash and grab incident can mean more than just losing your precious possessions. You need to be covered for any damage, big or small.

As a South African, you know that protecting yourself from crime is a priority. Your safety needs to be your primary concern. No matter how vigilant you are, however, anything can happen. You need to be able to recover from such a traumatic event, both physically and financially.

What is TheftBuster Plus?

At Bidvest Insurance our one purpose is to protect everyday South Africans against financial losses. And whilst vehicle insurance policies must cover your car to the maximum, especially in South Africa, there are always those extra costs that add up. *TheftBuster Plus makes it easy. TheftBuster Plus protects you against a wide range of losses and expenses that you might face when your car is stolen, hijacked, or involved in a smash-and-grab incident.

How does TheftBuster Smash and Grab (Major damage) cover work?

The cost of repairing major vehicle damage after a Smash and Grab incident might be too high. TheftBuster plus will cover up to R15 000 for your insurance excess. That’s not all! Your TheftBuster Plus policy covers you for a range of different body and vehicle repairs too.

How much does it cost?

TheftBuster Plus from Bidvest Insurance costs you just R99 a month.

Your value added benefits

Things that are lost as a result of a smash and grab may sometimes feel irreplaceable. You may lose important documents, keys, and other personal items too. Bidvest Insurance TheftBuster Plus also covers you for:

  • Car Hire: TheftBuster Plus gives you up to R3 500 car hire so that your life can keep moving.
  • Trauma counselling: Dealing with a smash and grab incident is traumatic, and expensive.We cover you for up to R2 000 for you to get the help that you need.
  • Personal Documents: R1 000 – that’s how much cover you’ll get to replace any personal documents lost in any incident covered by Theftbuster Plus.
  • Keys and Remotes: Your house or office keys and remotes might not be there when your vehicle is recovered. Bidvest Insurance covers you for up to R2 000 to replace your keys and remotes.
  • Cell phones: Don’t be out of touch. TheftBuster Plus covers you for up to R5 000 for any lost or stolen mobile phone resulting from a smash and grab incident.
  • Personal electronic devices: TheftBuster Plus covers you for up to R5 000, for any personal devices lost during a smash and grab incident.
  • Handbag cover: Losing your handbag can feel worse than losing your keys. You get up to R2 000 cover if your handbag is not returned with your vehicle.

The high costs that come with repairing your vehicle after a smash and grab incident might set you back financially. With TheftBuster Plus, it doesn’t have to. We’ve got you covered.

Bidvest Theftbuster The Damage Can Be Undone

Cover for you and for your car.

Bidvest Insurance offers a wide range of insurance products to meet both your personal and vehicular needs.

Insurance options for you:

  • Cyber Rescue
  • Panic Alert
  • Legal Angel
  • Personal Accident Insurance

Insurance options for your car:

  • Scratch and Dent
  • Tyre Angel
  • Theftbuster Plus
  • Warranty
  • Driver Assist
  • Key Angel

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