Signs you need to change your car’s brakes

Bidvest Insurance explores some of the signs that it’s time to change your car’s brakes.

Maintaining the safety of your car is important. One of the most important safety components on your car are the brakes. Over time, the brakes on your car will wear down, becoming less effective. This will, no doubt, affect the safety of you and your family. To keep you and your family safe, we explore the signs that it’s time to change your car’s brakes.

Breaking point: 5 signs your brakes need to be replaced

Squeaking noises

While noises don’t always mean trouble, they could be a sign of issues with your brakes. If your brakes are squeaking every time you use them, it may be time to get them checked. If you have recently replaced your brakes, then you may need new rotors.

Grinding noises

Grinding noises mean trouble. Your car’s slowdown days may be numbered, so don’t let your brakes grind to a halt!


Do you feel vibrations on your brake pedal or steering wheel when you brake? These are not the good vibes. Get your brakes checked out.

Warning lights

Warning lights exist for a reason, don’t ignore them! There may be an underlying problem if your brake light is on.

Stiff brakes

If your brake pedal is hard, there may be issues with your brake booster. 

Burnt brakes

If you can see and smell smoke coming from your brakes, they may be overheating. Pull over immediately and allow them to cool.

Your brakes are trying to tell you something

Have you been unfortunate enough to have seen, heard, or felt any of the above warning signs? Your brakes may need professional attention. Don’t wait, your braking system is the most important safety feature on your car. 

A Motor Warranty can help keep your brakes running smoothly

Isn’t it funny how your car always starts to give you trouble as soon as the Manufacturer’s Warranty expires? That’s why you need a Motor Warranty from Bidvest Insurance. 

A Motor Warranty from Bidvest Insurance gives you cover for:

  • Braking systems.
  • Gearboxes.
  • Engine components.
  • Steering mechanisms.
  • Suspensions.
  • Fuel systems.

*A Motor Warranty does not cover general wear and tear on brake pads or any other components.

Don’t let mechanical or electrical failures set you back. Get a Motor Warranty from Bidvest Insurance.

Cover for you and for your car.

Bidvest Insurance offers a wide range of insurance products to meet both your personal and vehicular needs.

Insurance options for you:

  • Cyber Rescue
  • Panic Alert
  • Legal Angel
  • Personal Accident Insurance

Insurance options for your car:

  • Scratch and Dent
  • Tyre Angel
  • Theftbuster Plus
  • Warranty
  • Driver Assist
  • Key Angel

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