Protecting Your Car Against Hail Damage

Protecting your car against hail damage is a must, especially with the unpredictable South African weather. Did you know you can do this with Scratch and Dent Insurance from Bidvest Insurance?

While the best way to protect your car from hail damage is to park it undercover or in a garage when your area is expecting hail, sometimes this is not always possible. This is why you need Scratch and Dent Insurance from Bidvest Insurance.

Hail storms in South Africa

Hail storms are sporadic. It is often quite difficult for weather services to predict the possibility of a hail storm. While it is generally easier to predict hail using radar and satellite services, the predictability is limited to short periods of time. You may only find out about the possibility of a hail storm before it’s too late.

Many insurance companies in South Africa send hail warning notifications to their clients, notifying them that there is a high chance of a hail storm. It is, however, not always possible to move your car.

Does Scratch and Dent Insurance cover hail damage?

Scratches and dents not only make your car look old and damaged, but they also can lead to major problems like rust. While it may just look like a little dent, it could wind up causing major issues for your car’s paint.

Among various other things, a Scratch and Dent Insurance policy provides some protection for hail damage. When nature strikes, Bidvest Insurance’s Scratch and Dent policy covers specified minor hail damage up to R2,500.

What other benefits does Scratch and Dent Insurance provide?

Minor Dents, scratches and chips: No one likes scratches and dents. To keep your car looking as good as it did when it left the showroom floor, we pay up to R2,500 to get those minor scratches, dents or chips repaired.

Tar Removal: Wet tar can often stick to your car’s paint. We pay up to R2,500 cover per claim for specified tar removal.

Wheel Rim damage: Your wheel rims can also get scratches and dents too. We pay up to R2,500 to get your rims repaired.

Windscreen chips: A small stone or pebble could chip your windscreen. We pay up to R2,500 per claim of this type.

Get Scratch and Dent Insurance now

Don’t let scratches and dents ruin the shine of your car’s paint job. Get protection today. Get Scratch and Dent Insurance now from Bidvest Insurance.

Cover for you and for your car.

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