What is Key Insurance?

Everything you need to know about Key Insurance

If you live in South Africa and own a car, you need Key Insurance. 

Keys disappear all the time, even in situations that they shouldn’t. If you’ve ever lost a car key before you’ll know how expensive they are. It may seem tempting to find that cheap replacement, but is it worth it? When cars are involved, it can be messy and complicated. It’s better to get in touch with your car dealer to get a replacement. You don’t want to live on the edge with no spare car key, it may cost you.

What is Key Insurance?

Did you know losing your vehicle, home, and office keys could cost thousands of Rands?

Key Insurance from Bidvest Insurance ensures your keys are always safe. Even when they’re not in your pocket.

Key Insurance provides essential key cover in the event of lost or stolen car keys. Key Insurance also covers home and office keys. This includes key, lock and remote replacement cover for up to R1,000.

Why should you get Key Insurance?

You don’t budget to lose your keys on a regular basis. Losing your keys could put a massive hole in your budget. That’s why your keys need to be covered. If you own a car, you need Key Insurance. It’s that simple.

Like everything these days, cars have become more advanced. With that comes new and advanced keys. You don’t even need a physical key anymore. Some cars have both keyless entry and keyless start. Nowadays, keys are more expensive to replace than ever before. 

Depending on the model and year of your car, you may need to dig deep into your pockets. Replacing a lost or stolen key can set your bank balance back several thousands of Rands.

We’ve taken into consideration the one thing everyone takes for granted: losing your keys.

How much are new car keys?

The price of a new car key can range from around R800, to around R10,000 or more for high-end cars. Your car key is not something you want to lose in a hurry. If you don’t have Key Insurance, you could land up with a large expense.

There are various types of car keys and each differs in the cost to replace. The newer your car, the more expensive your car key is likely to be.

The different types of car keys include:

  • Traditional car key: This is a simple key that is only used to unlock and start your car. This type of key is the most affordable. This type of key is the cheapest and costs around R800 to replace. Nowadays, new cars no longer use this type of key. 
  • Transponder key: This type of key has a chip in them to communicate with your car. If the chip is not detected, then your car will not start. This type of key costs between R1,500 and R3,000.
  • Laser cut key: This key is cut with a laser that shapes the groves of the key. These types of keys are the most common. Laser cut keys will also usually have a transponder chip. This type of key can cost upwards of R3,000.
  • Smart key: This type of key is used for a car that has a keyless ignition. The keyless entry keys are the most expensive. Some smart keys can cost as much as R10,000 for a single key. 

You don’t want to be left with a hefty bill for your replacement car key. Protect yourself today and get Key Insurance from Bidvest Insurance.

What are the benefits of Key Insurance?

It could never happen to me. Yes, yes it could. Misplaced or stolen car keys can happen to even the most responsible car owners. You could be left keyless at the most inconvenient times. We’ve designed a product that keeps your keys covered. Key Insurance from Bidvest Insurance covers the cost of your lost or stolen keys.

Losing your vehicle, home, and office keys could cost thousands of rands. Don’t let that be you. Get Key Insurance.

Some of the benefits of Key Insurance include:

  • No excess payable.
  • The cost of replacing your lost or stolen keys is covered. This excludes batteries.
  • Stuck somewhere with no keys and no spare? We’ll arrange safe, courtesy transport to keep you moving.
  • We’ve also got locksmith or flatbed towing needs sorted.
  • Your no-claim rewards will be protected. You can claim from Key Insurance instead of your Comprehensive Car Insurance policy.

What does Key Insurance cover?

Have you ever had that feeling in your stomach when you think your keys are missing? You don’t want that. Key Insurance form Bidvest Insurance covers:

  • Car Key Replacement: We cover your car keys. The thousands of Rands that come with losing your car keys might do a lot of damage to your wallet. We relieve your stress by providing cover for a key replacement. We know car keys are expensive, that’s why we cover car key replacements up to the value of R10,000.
  • Car Hire: Not having a car can be stressful. How will you get to work? Fetch the kids from school? Or get food for your family? The stress and worry that come with not having a car is something you no longer have to worry about. Car hire is one of the many added benefits of Key Insurance.
  • Flatbed Towing Service: Without a key your car might be left stranded. You can’t leave your car in the middle of nowhere while you try to get a new key. We’ve got your back with our flatbed towing service at your disposal.
  • Locksmith Services For Your Car: There is no experience worse than being locked out of your car. Key Insurance will get you back in your car in no time thanks to our locksmith services.
  • Courtesy Transport: If you need to get somewhere in a hurry but you’re locked out of your car, there is no need to panic. One of the many benefits of our policy is that we offer courtesy transport to get you where you need to be
  • Locksmith For Your Home: Get a locksmith for your home or office. If you lose your home or office keys too, we’ll provide locksmith services to get you back inside.

How much do I pay for Key Insurance?

The key to Bidvest Insurance policies is affordability. Key Insurance is no different with an initial, once-off payment of R195. Key Insurance from Bidvest Insurance keeps you covered from only R95 per month.

Is there a waiting period with Key Insurance?

Yes, there is a waiting period for Key Insurance. Your policy is active from your first successful debit. Remember that when you first join there is a 30-day waiting period before you can claim.

How do I claim from Key Insurance?

You can email keyclaims@bidvestinsurance.co.za to notify us of the incident. The claims assessor will then guide you through the claims process.

Key Insurance from Bidvest Insurance is there to guard against you being locked out of your car, or worse. This is the life saver you never knew you needed. We can sometimes be clumsy and misplace our car keys. Don’t let this be the nasty surprise that ruins your budget. You don’t need the extra stress of a lost car key in your life.

Protect your budget with Key Insurance from Bidvest Insurance. Get Key Insurance now.

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