How to choose the right rims for your car

You must choose the right rims for your car. Choosing the right rims for your car is important. Rims not only keep your wheels spinning on the road, but they also stand as a symbol of status and pride for many car enthusiasts.

You don’t have to be a Fast and the Furious fan to want to have a good looking set of rims on your car. Your car is your pride and joy, you want it to look attractive and feel comfortable when you drive it. When choosing the right rims for your car, you’ll need to consider things like comfort, safety, handling and various other factors. Below, we outline tips on how to choose the right rims for your car.

Buy from a reputable dealer

Shopping for a good set of rims can be a daunting task, especially with the various makes, models and specifications you can choose from. You are definitely spoiled for choice, but don’t get tempted to buy from dodgy dealers.

They may look quite similar to those expensive rims you saw the other day, but they are not. Cheap rims often do not meet the standards of other reputable brands. These cheap rims often aren’t tested for quality or strength like other reputable brands.

These “replica” rims could put you at risk of a serious accident. Instead of risking your life on a cheap set of rims, rather purchase from a reputable dealer.

Check your bolt pattern

Nowadays, you can buy almost any kind of product online, even a set of brand spanking new rims delivered directly to your door. If you’re shopping online, be sure to check the bolt pattern on your current set of rims, as these will have to match your new set.

Fitting a rim isn’t quite as simple as fitting a shoe. You can’t just pick any rim you like with the size that fits. Rim mounting points on a wheel hub often differ between manufacturers. Buying a rim with a different bolt pattern means it won’t fit onto your car’s wheel hub.


When it comes to your new rims, size does matter! While you may want to put a larger set of rims and tyres on your car to give it a sporty look, this may come at the detriment of your ride comfort and safety. The larger the tyre and rim combination, the heavier they are. While a few kilograms may not sound like much to you, it will have a massive effect on your handling, especially if your car isn’t built for it.

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