Does Key Insurance include car hire?

Key Insurance includes car hire up to the value of R1,000. If you lose your keys, or your keys are stolen, we make sure you can still get from A to B.

A car for when you can’t get into yours

It may seem like a minor inconvenience, but losing your car keys can cause mayhem. Losing your keys can derail your day, your week, or your month. That’s why we created Key Insurance from Bidvest Insurance.

If you can’t access or drive your car because of lost or stolen keys. Don’t worry, we’ll get you another car in the meantime.

Key Insurance from Bidvest Insurance

While it may not be something you think about often, losing your car key can be devastating.

A new car key could set you back a few thousand Rand. Can your budget afford a few thousand Rand? Key Insurance is one of Bidvest Insurance’s latest offerings in South Africa. An insurance policy with benefits that cover you in the event of lost or stolen car keys. 

Key Insurance from Bidvest Insurance ensures your keys are always safe. Even when they’re not in your pocket. Key Insurance provides you with car hire cover while your keys are being replaced. Key Insurance from Bidvest Insurance makes sure you are not left inconvenienced.

How much is car hire in South Africa?

Renting a car in South Africa is affordable when compared to the rest of the world. During non-peak periods, you’ll be able to find a car rental from only R300 per day.

How much cover do I get for car hire?

You lose your keys and now you have to wait for your new set of keys. What do you do now? How will you fetch your kids from school or get to that important meeting? You can’t be without a set of wheels. You need a rental car. Key Insurance gives you up to R1,000 to cover the cost of a car hire.

How much does Key Insurance cost?

Key Insurance from Bidvest Insurance includes an initial, once-off payment of R195. Thereafter, Key Insurance keeps you covered for only R95 per month.

Does Key Insurance cover courtesy transport?

Yes, Key Insurance includes courtesy transport. Should you lose your key far from home, we will organise courtesy transport to ensure you get home safe.

What other benefits does Key Insurance have?

With Key Insurance you’re covered for:

Vehicle Lock Set Replacement: Key Insurance covers you for up to R10,000 to fix and replace your car lock set.

Vehicle key replacement: Did you lose your car key? Were they stolen from you? Should you lose your keys, or find yourself a victim of theft, we cover the cost for replacing your car keys. This benefit covers a replacement car key for up to R10,000.

Flatbed towing services: You can leave your car there overnight, it’s not safe. You get up to R3,000 cover if your vehicle is stranded and needs to be towed to a safer location.

Locksmith services: We give you locksmith services for your home and office. Locked out without a spare? We give you locksmith service cover of up to R1,000 for your home and office.

Key, Lock and Remote Replacement for your Home and Office: The burden of replacing your key, lock or remote is ours to cover. You get up to R1,000 for any replacement you might need.

No excess payment needed: Key Insurance helps you save money. There’s no need to claim from your Comprehensive Car Insurance policy.

Top tips for renting a car in South Africa

There comes a time when you need to rent a car in South Africa. You may have lost your keys and you’re waiting for a new set. Or you may be on holiday in another province. Whatever the case may be, here are some of the top tips for renting a car in South Africa:

1. Try to book as early as possible

While this is not always possible, you should always try to book your car rental as early as you can. During peak periods there are often shortages of rental cars. This may mean you may have to opt for a more expensive car.

2. Choose the right rental car

When it comes to choosing your rental car, you should always choose one like your own. If you usually drive a small car, it may not be wise to choose a large car. If your personal car is a manual, you should rather choose a manual rental car. Always check the rental car website for pictures and vehicle specifications before booking.

3. Check the rental agreement

Always double check the rental agreement. You don’t want to miss anything. Some rental cars will include unlimited kilometres (kms), while some have daily limits. You don’t want to be left with penalties because you didn’t read the terms and conditions.

4. Make sure the rental car is insured

Most cars on South African roads are not insured. It’s important to make sure your rental car has adequate insurance. When renting a car, you are liable for the damages to the car. Always choose the best insurance available when renting a car. A lower rental price usually indicates a lower insurance coverage. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

5. Ensure you have the necessary documentation

With any car rental, you’ll need to supply the following documentation:

  • A valid driver’s licence.
  • A credit card in the driver’s name.
  • Passport (for international visitors).
  • Any extra documentation as required by your car hire company.

6. Be prepared to pay a deposit

In South Africa, you are required by car rental companies to pay a deposit before collecting the car. This amount must usually be paid via a credit card and usually starts at around R2,000.

This can be a bit of a shock if you weren’t expecting it. You could even end up over your credit limit on your credit card. These charges are for scenarios where you disappear with the car never to be seen again.

7. Inspect your rental car

In most cases, the rental car agent will show you the car and do a vehicle inspection. If this does not happen, you should always request it. 

The agent will usually start the inspection process by viewing the exterior of the car. They do this to look for any dings, dents or scratches. They should note all imperfections on the exterior of the car. The agent will then move on to the interior of the car, noting any damage. Feel free to take any photos of the car before you leave.

Make sure you also know how to use the headlights and windscreen wipers before you drive away. Many cars have these in different places which can be confusing.

How do I claim from Key Insurance?

You can email to notify us of the incident. The claims assessor will then guide you through the claims process.

Getting from A to B might be a little hard without your car keys. Key Insurance from Bidvest Insurance makes sure you’re never locked out. Key Insurance from Bidvest Insurance gets you where you need to be, no matter what.

We can sometimes be silly and misplace our car keys. Don’t let this be the nasty surprise that ruins your budget. You don’t need the extra stress of a lost car key in your life.

Protect yourself with Key Insurance from Bidvest Insurance. Get Key Insurance now.

Bidvest Key Angel Car Hire

Cover for you and for your car.

Bidvest Insurance offers a wide range of insurance products to meet both your personal and vehicular needs.

Insurance options for you:

  • Cyber Rescue
  • Panic Alert
  • Legal Angel
  • Personal Accident Insurance

Insurance options for your car:

  • Scratch and Dent
  • Tyre Angel
  • Theftbuster Plus
  • Warranty
  • Driver Assist
  • Key Angel

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