Cancelled your Motor Warranty – What Could Go Wrong?

You cancelled your Motor Warranty to “save money.” What could go wrong? Bidvest Insurance explains.

What is a Motor Warranty?

A Motor Warranty protects you when your car has a mechanical or electrical breakdown. A Motor Warranty covers the cost of repairs or replacements for certain parts of your car. Some of these parts include:

  • Engines.
  • Transmissions.
  • Gearboxes.
  • Fuel systems.
  • And more.

Without a Motor Warranty, you could have a massive dent in your wallet.

What could go wrong when you cancel your Motor Warranty?

If you’ve cancelled your Motor Warranty, you need to understand the risks involved. One of the biggest risks of cancelling your Motor Warranty is the cost of unexpected repairs. Without Motor Warranty, you will have to pay for all repairs out of pocket. This could be costly if a major component, such as the engine or transmission, needs a replacement. 

Here are some of the things that could go wrong if you cancel your Motor Warranty:

Engine failure

Your car’s engine gives your car the power it needs to move. Without a working engine, you won’t be able to use your car. Car engines are expensive to repair or replace. A Motor Warranty covers the cost of replacing various engine components including:

  • Cylinder heads.
  • Engine mounts.
  • Intake manifolds.
  • And more.

Brake system failure

Your car’s brakes are responsible for stopping your car. You need good brakes for safety reasons. Your car’s brakes include  various parts that work together. Brake systems can cost thousands of Rands to repair or replace.

While your brake pads are not covered by a Motor Warranty, various other parts of your brakes are. These include:  

  • Master cylinder.
  • Wheel cylinders.
  • Callipers.
  • And more.

Fuel system failure

Your fuel system feeds fuel to your engine to keep your wheels moving. Without a fuel system, you can’t go anywhere. Fuel systems can cost thousands of Rands to repair or replace. A Motor Warranty covers various fuel system parts, including:

  • Fuel pumps.
  • Fuel accumulators.
  • Fuel injectors.
  • And more.

You can’t cancel repair costs

Cancelling your Motor Warranty is a risky move. If you cancel your Motor Warranty, you’ll be liable for all repair costs. 

Unexpected breakdowns always happen when you least expect them. While you can’t predict unexpected breakdowns, you can get cover for them. Protect your wallet from the cost of unexpected breakdowns. Get a Motor Warranty from Bidvest Insurance today.

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