Bidvest Insurance: Your Shield Against Life’s Uncertainties

You need a trusted partner to protect some of life’s most important parts. Established in 1997, thousands of South Africans trust Bidvest Insurance.

Don’t let unexpected events catch you off guard. Bidvest Insurance gives you insurance products that cater for all your needs.

Insurance for your car:

  • Scratch and Dent Insurance.
  • Tyre and Rim Insurance.
  • Mechanical Warranty.
  • Theftbuster Plus.
  • Driver Assist.
  • Key Insurance.
  • Shortfall Insurance.
  • Car Deposit Insurance.

Insurance for you:

  • Cyber Insurance.
  • Legal Insurance.
  • Panic Alert.

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Products For My Car

Our Car Insurance products save you money in situations you can’t predict. Here’s how Bidvest Insurance keeps your car covered:

Scratch and Dent Insurance

Scratch and Dent Insurance from Bidvest Insurance keeps your car in showroom condition. With Scratch and Dent Insurance, you’re covered for the little scratches, dings, and dents that break your budget.

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Tyre and Rim Insurance

Think of the potholes, cracks and other debris you see everyday on the road. Tyre and Rim Insurance protects your wheels from damage caused by road hazards.

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Mechanical Warranty

Unexpected breakdowns put a huge dent in your budget. A Mechanical Warranty covers those unexpected costs when your car breaks down.

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Products For Me

Our Personal Insurance products remove the financial stress from unpredictable situations. Here’s how Bidvest Insurance keeps you covered:

Legal Insurance

Resolving legal matters can be expensive. Legal Insurance gives you affordable access to a lawyer whenever you need legal advice.

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Panic Alert

Panic Alert keeps you covered if you’re in an emergency situation. Panic Alert also provides emergency response to protect you should you feel unsafe, vulnerable or in need of security and protection.

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Cyber Insurance

Cyber Insurance protects you and your family from cyberattacks. You’re covered for Cybertheft, Cyberbullying, Cyber Deception and more.

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Client Testimonials

Here’s what our clients have to say about the value they’re getting from Bidvest Insurance:

“Bidvest Insurance really helped me with my warranty. I would recommend Bidvest Insurance to my friends and family, as I know they are reliable.”
Mr Serumula

“I was over the moon knowing that I had the means to get the dents repaired. I would absolutely recommend Bidvest’s Scratch and Dent insurance.”
Lz Hopkins

“After chatting to Bidvest Insurance about my shortfall policy I had luckily taken out, the whole amount was covered so I didn’t have to pay a thing!”
Mr Moodley

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